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Information Request

Information Sought on Entities Linked to Fraud and Embezzlement

This list of entities incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus is being circulated to enable anyone possessing information on their assets and/or controlling individuals to report it directly to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The information is sought in connection with criminal investigation into multiple counts of fraud and embezzlement perpetrated by Mr. Mukhtar Ablyazov and his associates against BTA Bank, Kazakhstan and its subsidiary entities. Mr. Mukhtar Ablyazov is currently wanted by the Kazakh authorities and subject to international arrest warrant.

1. Abremin Holdings Limited HE208451
2. Adamaris Investments Limited HE246834
3. Afrelta Holdings Limited HE213712
4. Agrippa Trading Limited HE315217
5. Algoway Investments Limited HE165399
6. Amador Investments Limited HE176354
7. Amelca Investments Limited HE235068
8. Ardrock Holdings Limited HE183698
9. Artounoa Holdings Limited HE208091
10. Aruma Holdings Limited HE198284
11. Asmelta Investments Limited HE231313
12. Bestshot Services Limited HE199318
13. Clerante Holdings Limited HE215421
14. Colligate Investments Limited HE203377
15. Elsinore Consultants Limited HE214829
16. Engelor Trading Limited HE183640
17. Famesca Investments Limited HE225930
18. Forlani Investments Limited HE176487
19. Frolovo Holdings Limited HE206073
20. Gatova Holdings Limited HE186438
21. Genemedix Enterprises Limited HE176425
22. Jollawood Trading & Investments Limited HE184905
23. Lallarte Properties Limited HE208584
24. Latrecia Investments Limited HE234926
25. Nitnelav Holdings Limited HE231954
26. Notula Trading Limited HE166163
27. Palmridge Holdings Limited HE184906
28. Peperera Investments Limited HE198387
29. Pilotlight Holdings Limited HE220874
30. Placefield Holdings Limited HE184898
31. Potbel Holdings Limited HE246799
32. Potiza Holdings Limited HE202895
33. Sovstar 1 (Cyprus) Limited HE153130
34. Stockstair Holdings Limited HE198055
35. Straseca Holdings Limited HE235142
36. Striks Investments Limited HE195207
37. Stylewest Holdings Limited HE250139
38. Subona Trading Limited HE204430
39. Suprisimo Investments Limited HE164879
40. Trasemino Investments Limited HE169488
41. Trombest Holdings Limited HE183700
42. Usarel Investments Limited HE203642
43. Vanesca Investments Limited HE234938
44. Viascal Holdings Limited (under liquidation)
45. Xtrainvest Investments limited HE206428
46. Zaforim Investments Limited HE186429
47. Zangyla Holdings Limited HE208452
48. Zardoya Holding Limited HE195010
49. Zephyranth Limited new name S.L. Schooldesk Licensing Limited HE167234
50. Zlatano Limited HE181618

The General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan
14, Orynbor street, Astana, 010000, Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel. (7172) 71-28-68 / (7172) 71-26-20