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Compliance advisory

Investigation of a serious crime in the Ukraine yields the names of two individuals whose identities are likely to have been used in other crimes, possibly through offshore companies.

Unknown criminals used forged documents to cause the transfer of title to 100% shares in Chumaki Agricultural Enterprise (Dnepropetrovsk Region, Ukraine) from Unison Group LLC, a Kiev-registered company to Stellar Partners Ltd., incorporated in the Seychelles, whose registered agent is Apollo Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

The full story of the crime is available from www.unisonlegalteam.com.

It was discovered at the initial investigation stage that the Seychelles company was represented or purported to be represented [in case of identity theft] by Mr. Visochin (Vysochin) Dmitry (Dmitro) Vladimirovich (Volodimirovich), citizen of Ukraine.

The person appointed as director of Chumaki based on fake documents is Mr. Shaptala Sergey (Sergiy) Alexandrovich (Oleksandrovich).

Research revealed that both individuals (or their identities – in case of identity theft) appeared in at least one more fraud in the Ukraine, also involving title theft through forged documents.

The investigation team suspects that these individuals (or their identities) are used by a Dnepropetrovsk-based criminal group infamous for engineering large scale asset theft using forged documents and privately armed personnel to physically take over the assets. The name of the group is withheld for legal reasons, pending the criminal conviction.

It was revealed through research in the Ukraine that both individuals are very unlikely to be bona fidae businessmen – both have their movable assets arrested on small bank loans; the type of property they own reveals their very modest means.

The two could be either willingly providing their identities and services to criminals or, alternatively, be victims of identity fraud.

Consequently, an advisory is given that any compliance procedures dealing with the identities / documents of Mr. Visochin (Vysochin) Dmitry (Dmitro) Vladimirovich (Volodimirovich), citizen of Ukraine, or Mr. Shaptala Sergey (Sergiy) Alexandrovich (Oleksandrovich), citizen of Ukraine, should only be based on throrough first-hand research and applicable anti-money laundering standards.