Justice Information Network is an information exchange platform and data resource for the law enforcement and regulated industries.

Justice Information Network is a two-way information highway. Members may post asset search notices, information requests,

advisories, warnings and contribute to the databases maintained by the Network. It is also a data gateway enabling easy search for information essential for compliance risk assessment – particularly from countries where relevant resources are not currently available in English.

Info Wanted!

We are eager to obtain more information on individuals and organizations presenting a potential compliance challenge. We look forward to cooperating with government agencies, international public organizations, established non-governmental organizations, investigative journalists and legal professionals. We expect that any information thus provided would have an identifiable source which we will post with the relevant entry.

Of specific interest to our resource are up-to-date lists of public officials in various countries. Our interest (and database cover) goes beyond the classic PEP definition which implies a more or less senior rank. The wife of a tax inspector from Nigeria or brother of a Russian customs officer wishing to open a Swiss bank account are not strictly PEPs, but still a compliance challenge. We recognize that certain positions of power in certain countries carry potential corruption issues regardless of rank.

Please email us for any proposals of cooperation.