Justice Information Network is an information exchange platform and data resource for the law enforcement and regulated industries.

Justice Information Network is a two-way information highway. Members may post asset search notices, information requests,

advisories, warnings and contribute to the databases maintained by the Network. It is also a data gateway enabling easy search for information essential for compliance risk assessment – particularly from countries where relevant resources are not currently available in English.

Test Test Test Test Evgeny Mulukov Iron Capital OU Endla 4 RE OU Parnu MNT 12 RE OU Scandium Capital OU http://globalassetsearch.com/documents/105/global-asset-search-evgeny-mulyukov/​ http://legalinfoboard.com/documents/142/information-sought-to-advance-investigation-into-misuse-of-moldovan-banking-system/​ MADELAR INVEST LTD.RAMPART INVEST & HOLDINGS LIMITEDRMS RESEARCH MANAGEMENT SERVICES S.A.Golden More International Resources LimitedChing-Sky Holdings LimitedALAYGREEN CORPORATIONSELFITON TRADING LTD.Universal International Oil Ltd.BEACON HILL INVESTMENTS LTD.DING HUA GROUP LIMITEDUrFilez SAR Ltd. Wickerton Limited Wickerton Limited n/a Blue Turaco Ltd.Simply Digitech LtdLONG SURPLUS HOLDINGS LIMITEDSEA ONE INVEST LTD.NEWBERRY HOLDINGS, INC.NEGRITA PROPERTIES LIMITEDMAXIMUM RETURN INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDARDOS COMMERCIAL INC.INCREDIBLE LOVE LIMITEDFORTUNE SEA INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDALACRITY PRODUCTION SYSTEMS LTD.Beeologics Inc.FIT HARBOUR GROUP LIMITEDROCK TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDLAXEY LIMITEDCAZZ Services LimitedWESTPAC INVESTMENTS SERVICES LTDWhite Roses International, Inc. 1403SANECIO RESOURCES LIMITED 1317CANARINY OVERSEAS LTD.Fortuna International Holdings LimitedIGNAREN ADVISORS CORP. 1169Karfould LimitedSouthway International LimitedWINSCOPE INTERNATIONAL INC.VH Associates, Inc.SG Capital Holdings LtdWEALTH TREASURE INVESTMENT LIMITEDITX Warwick CorporationCDCE Company LimitedMHA1B LimitedENERGY INNOVATION S.A.AVANTA EUROTRADING LTD.The Organic Andes Inc.BISCAYNE BUSINESS LTD.Kelab Investments International LtdGREY VILLAGE CORPORATIONGATHER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED


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